We Need Your Help!

The Mission of our PTA is to positively impact the lives of our children.

So how do we do that?  What are our goals?

Goal #1 is to “build community”.  Family engagements are very important to the success of our students, and very important to the success of our PTA and School.  Studies show that the more parents are  involved at school, the more likely the child will do better in school.

We build family engagements by hosting events like the Family Picnic, Bingo Night, Movie Night, Winter Wonderland, Kite Night and more.  It’s a whole lot of fun for the kids, our families start forging friendships, and our school community grows stronger.

Goal #2 is to provide the tools for our students to succeed in the 21st century.  Again, this year we’ve zero’ed in on adding more chromebook laptops to our classrooms.  To buy them we have to fundraise.  We host various fundraisers throughout the school year and are pretty successful overall because of the great community we have built.  But it’s still not enough to supply every child with a working chromebook.

Goal #3 is to get to a 1:1 student to chromebook ratio, and we are a long way from that.  We need to cover every area of fundraising we can, and this is another opportunity for you to help our Wildcats.  So please click the button below to make a one time donation, or a monthly donation, of any amount of your choice.  We appreciate your consideration.  Thank yoU!